Patrol Equipment
Patrol Equipment
Time Tech – Time Patrol 8100T

Guard Patrol Equipment with RFID Touchless based system and connection to computer/software for data and report.
Robust design (metal) and water proof, equipped with vibration function and LED lamp torch.
Easy to use and assure well organized guard patrolling system.


Working System Auto-induction (touchless)
Working Frequency 125kHZ EM / ID Tags
Log Capacity 80,000 Logs
Crash Record Capacity * 32,000 Logs
Lamp Indicator LED
Vibration Available
Download Data USB cable
Waterproof Yes (IP 65)
Material Metal Alloy
Working Temperature -20~70C
Working Humidity 30~90%
Battery Rechargeable Polymer Lithium
Size 130 x 40 x 25 MM
Weight 170 Gr
Torch Light Function Available
Additional Event Card ** Available

* Crash record is the record when the device is crashed or dropped. This is to get the data of any employee who is trying to damage the device.
** Event Card is a function for staff to report certain preset situations during patrol.