Technical Support

For customers’ most convenience, we provide this software download option.
The software listed below could be used for application, trial/testing and upgrade.
Please select the application software you need and click it to download.
Note: File may require password, please contact us for further info.

Fingerscanner Time Attendance & Access Controller Software & Manuals

– Time Tech and TimeTronic Management-Software (Non Multimedia Machines)
– Manuals (Non Multimedia Machines)

– Time Tech Management-Software (Multimedia Machines)
– Manuals (Multimedia Machines)

– SDK – Time Tech & TimeTronic

– SDK – Time Tech & TimeTronic (New Ver. 3 Devices)

– MySql Driver

Fingerscanner Time Attendance Software-Free System Manuals

– TimeTronic Software-Free System Manuals

Fingerscanner Access Controller Software & Manuals

– Time Tech AC 800 Management-Software (English Version)

Face Recognition Time Attendance & Access Controller Software & Manuals

– Time Tech & Realand FRG Series Management-Software
– Time Tech FRG Series Manuals

– SDK – Time Tech FRG 9600 & 9800

– SDK – Time Tech FRG 9630

– SDK – Realand F491 & G505

– Web Socket – Realand F491 & G505 (For Web Based Firmware)

Fingerprint Reader

– Startek FM300 (SDK; File & Folder Encryption)

Patrol Equipment

– Time Tech Time Patrol

Nitgen Biometric Fingerscanner & Face Recognition


– eNBSP SDK (Fingkey Hamster 1,2,3)