ZSA 6000PR

ZSA 6000PR is a high technology compact ink-jet handheld printer to print numbers, alphabets, barcodes, QR, Time, Serial Number, picture on different kinds of media: Packaging, bottle, paper, pipe, metal plate, others.

Equipped with touch screen display, makes every setting very easy and fast.

Suitable for printing Expire Date on packaging, barcode on inventories, others.

Able to print on both flat and uneven surfaces (plate for uneven surface is needed and provided within the package).

Economic price with high quality product. Ink cartridge capacity may print up to 200.000-400.000 characters (depends on the sizes of the character, codes type).

Accesories included: Pen/Stylus, Plate, Battery, Charger Adaptor, Ink Cartridge (Black)

One year warranty.

ZSA 6000PR – Introduction Video (click here)

Dimension 225 x 95 x 49 mm
Display Touch Screen, 4.3 Inch
Printing Length Up to 5 meter
Line & Column Adjustable
Printing Height 2 – 12.7 mm
Printing Distance up 10mm
Printing Direction & Side Adjustable
Printing Result Alphabet, Number, Punctuation, QR, Barcode, Symbol, Time, Serial Number, Date, Time (Real Time)
Weight 522 gr
Technology | Dpi Value Ink-Jet | 600 Dpi
Power Rechargeable Battery
Charger Adaptor Available
Sylus Available
Printing Plate Available (Used for uneven surface)
Material To Print Paper, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Aluminum, Mirror, Glass, etc.


Introduction Video:


Screen Calibration Video (New Version):


Screen Calibration Video (Older Version):