Single Pocket
Mesin Hitung Uang Pintar, menghitung nominal dan lembar

Prime Dynamic 996 implements newest & high technology to count pieces, read Rupiah (IDR) values and detect counterfeit notes.
Upgraded and able to read and detect new IDR 2022.
Able to read & count mix or single denomination, able to count pieces per denomination & total pieces of counted notes.
9 Digits display for total value and 4 digits display for pieces, gives user clear & easy reading.
Has a solid and elegant design, high quality & heavy duty, also equipped with more helpful functions. Counting process will be handled fast, accurate and professional.
3 Year warranty, including service & parts.

Prime Dynamic 996 – Brief Introduction Video (click here)

Function Count total pieces,
read value of notes,
count pieces per denomination
Detection Methods Ultraviolet, magnetic, spectrum
analysis, infrared
Display 9 Digits of total value
4 Digits of total pieces
4 Digits of each denomination
Screen Front LCD and Side LCD
External Display 4 Digits of total pieces
9 Digits of total value
Features Dust Filter
Motor overheating protection
Voice message & alarm
Batching, Add (accumulation counting)
Printing Result (printer is sold separately)
Safety Emergency stop button
Speed 1,000 pieces/minute
Dimension 315 x 250 x 200 MM
Weight 6.5 Kg
Power 220V, 50Hz, Consumption 70W
Port USB, RJ 11


Prime Dynamic 996 – Manual Book


Introduction Video