Steel Fire Safes
Steel Fire Safes
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Honeywell Steel Fire Safe provides years of safe and secure protection for your valuables, important documents and other personal items. All Honeywell safes are designed and built using the highest manufacturing standards to ensure maximum user satisfaction under a variety of conditions. With proper care, your Honeywell safe will provide “Peace of Mind” for many years to come.
Providing excellent warranties:
– 7 (seven) years warranty of manufacturer defective.
– Lifetime warranty after-fire replacement.
Thank you and enjoy!


Model Number Honeywell 2511
Protection Fire Resistant 2 Hour (Europe Fire Rating)
Waterproof from Hose Spray & Spills
Dual User Codes
Motion & Tilt Alarm
Lock Type Digital & Key Lock
Lock Security Digital & Key Lock, Audit Trail
Capacity 20 Liters
Inside Dimensions (HxWxD) 357 x 215 x 262 MM
Outside Dimensions (HxWxD) 516 x 344 x 440 MM
Weight (Avrg.) 56 Kgs
Info Insulated Double Steel Wall Construction
2 Live & 2 Dead Steel Locking Bolts
2 Entry & 2 Emergency Keys Included
Interior Removable Tray Included
Warranty 7 Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime After-Fire Replacement

* Fire rate protection is approved by SP (Sweden – Europe).
Interior temperature of the safe remains below 177 Celcius for 2 hours during a fire up to 1,010 Celcius.
* Weight may slightly differ due to temperature condition.