Fire & Water Safe Chest
Fire & Water Safe Chest
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Honeywell 1108W

Honeywell Fire & Waterproof Security Safe Chest give customers the best benefits in quality & heavy duty performance.
Made with highest quality control and best quality materials for fire and submerged waterproof protection.
Equipped with super secure and durable locking system.
Products differ in sizes and specifications, please choose the one suits you.
All products provided with years of warranty and after sales services.
Honeywell is USA global/international brand, certainly trusted in quality and all other aspects worldwide.
Safety, security… Peace of mind. Forget the rest, we are the best.


Model Number Honeywell 1108W
Protection Fire Resistant 1 Hour (UL USA Standard)
Waterproof 12 Hour / 1 M Submerged Under Water
Compression Latches & Waterproof Seal
Key Lock (2 Entry Keys Included)
Hydraulic Hinges (Safety Feature)
Lock Type Manual Key Lock
Capacity 30 Liters
Inside Dimensions (HxWxD) 258 x 381 x 305 MM
Outside Dimensions (HxWxD) 415 x 515 x 445 MM
Weight (Avrg.) 38.1 Kgs
Info Fit All Documents
Protects Electronic Media (Drives, USB Flash, Etc.)
Easy Movement With Wheel Cart
 Warranty 7 Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime After-Fire Replacement

* Fire rate protection is approved by UL (USA).
Interior temperature of the safe remains below 177 Celcius for 1 hours during a fire up to 927 Celcius.