Double Functions
Double Functions
GEMET D-2050
GEMET D-2050

For F4 size or bigger paper size, Wire (pitch 3:1) & Plastic Comb binding materials (Dual Function). Comes with new fascinating full metal construction design. Adjustable and sharp blades, gives you the very best results.

One year warranty provided.

Binding Material Plastic Comb & Wire 3:1  (Max. Wire Press 9/16″)
Paper Size F4
Paper-Extend Tool Not Available
Wire Presser Adjuster Available
Punching Capacity 20 Sheets / 70Gr
Holes 40 Round Holes (Wire 3:1), Diameter 4.5MM
24 Holes (Plastic Comb), 3x8MM
Blade Adjustable
Margin Adjustable
Device Material Metal
Dimension 450 x 430 x 270 MM
Weight 25 Kg


GEMET D2050 – Manual Book


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