Calendar Binder
Calendar Binder
GEMET 31 Calendar

Special design to bind CALENDAR for up to F4 size or wider, with wire binding material (pitch 3:1). Comes with new fascinating full metal construction design. Adjustable and sharp blades, gives you the very best results.

* Paper Size : F4 (Or Wider)

* Paper-Extend Tool

* Wire Pitch : 3:1

* Round Holes for wire 3:1 and half circle hole in the center

* Adjustable Margin Distance

* Adjustable Blades

* Max. Punching Capacity : 20 pcs (70 gr)

Binding Material Wire 3:1  (Max. Wire Press 9/16″)
Paper Size F4
Paper-Extend Tool Available
Punching Capacity 20 Sheets / 70Gr
Holes 37 Round Holes (Right & Left), Diameter 4.5MM
1 Half-Circle Hole (Center)
Blade Adjustable
Margin Adjustable
Device Material Metal
Dimension 460 x 320 x 170 MM
Weight 17 Kg


GEMET 31 Calendar – Manual Book