Double Functions
Double Functions
GEMET 200F/200FO
GEMET 200F/200FO

For F4 size or bigger paper size (A3 size or wider). Wire pitch 3:1 & 2:1 (Dual Function). Comes with new fascinating full metal construction design. Adjustable and sharp blades, gives you the very best results.

One year product warranty.

Binding Material Wire 3:1 & Wire 2:1  (Max. Wire Press 1″)
Paper Size F4
Paper-Extention Tool Available (Up To A3 Size And Above)
Punching Capacity 25 Sheets / 70Gr
Holes (200F) 40 Square Holes (Wire 3:1), 4x4MM
27 Square Holes (Wire 2:1), 4×5.5MM
Holes (200FO) 40 Round Holes (Wire 3:1), Diameter 4.5MM
27 Round Holes (Wire 2:1), Diameter 6MM
Blade Adjustable
Margin Adjustable
Device Material Metal
Dimension 566 x 525 x 350 MM
Weight 25,5 Kg


GEMET 200F / 200FO – Manual Book


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