Stencil Machine
Stencil Machine
ZSA – Dynamic 787

Used for printing process with high efficiency, low cost and sophisticated results.

Adopts the German technology of the stencil printing process, our machine provides 2 kinds of printing process in 1 machine: Manual and Automatic Printing Process. Because of this, it will certainly make the jobs very fast and efficient with excellent results.

1 Year Service Warranty

Working System Manual & Electric (Automatic)
Weight of Paper 45-120 Gr
Max. Printing Area 212 x 327 MM
Max. Paper Size Max. Paper Size: 257 x 364 MM
Mode of Printing Automatic and Manual
Speed of Printing 40-120 Sheets/Minute (Adjustable)
Mode of Inking Automatic and Manual
Ink Distribution 4 Optional Positions
Adjustment of Printing Position Vertical : Total 60 MM or 30 MM From The Center
Horizontal : Full Range Of Ink Distribution Area
Paper Feeding Plate Automatic Feeding (Max. Stack Height: 55 MM)
Counter Counter: 4 Digits, 0000-9999
Dimension 630 x 920 x 475 MM
Weight 35 Kg
Power AC220V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 50 W