ZSA – CP2000SE

ZSA CP2000SE is a compact ink-jet handheld printer to print numbers/alphabets/barcodes on different kinds of media: Packaging, bottle, paper, pipe, metal plate, others.

Suitable for printing Expire Date on packaging, barcode on inventories, others.

Able to print on both flat and unflat surfaces (needs to use additional plate for unflat surface).

Able to set words/numbers/barcodes directly from the buttons on the device, easy & user-friendly usage.

Economic price with high quality product. Ink cartridge capacity ables to print up to 200.000-400.000 characters (depends on the sizes of the character, codes type).

One year warranty.

Dimension 113.5 x 75 x 205 mm
Printing Length Max. 50 cm
Line & Column Max. 4 Lines, 2 Column
Printing Height 2-15 mm
Printing Distance 2-5 mm
Printing Direction Horizontal / Vertical
Printing Result Alphabet, Number, Punctuation, QR, Barcode, Symbol
Weight 330 gr
Technology | Dpi Value Ink-Jet | 300 Dpi
Power Rechargeable Battery
(use cellphone adaptor 5V or computer USB port)


ZSA CP2000SE – Manual Book


Introduction Video