Double Pockets
Toshio CX 3000

The newest and most sophisticated model of Toshio Banker CX3000.
Very high quality and durable machine with very accurate counting results.
With 2 pockets for non-stop counting & sorting.
Detects denominations and counterfeits up to 9 currencies: USD, Euro, Idr, Sin, Aud, Cny, Myr, Jpy, Sar.
Read serial number for USD, Euro, Cny.
Counting pieces, mix denominations, single denomination, batch, add.
Currency sorting: Face, orientation, denomination and counterfeit notes.
Auto-start / Manual-start.
Detection methods: UV, MG, MT, IR, Image Sensor, CIS, etc.
Software upgradable.

Working System Friction
Currencies USD, Euro, Idr, Sin, Aud, Cny, Myr, Jpy, Sar
Serial Number USD, Euro, Cny
Hopper Capacity 800 Pcs
Stacker Capacity 200 Pcs
50-100 Pcs (Reject Stacker)
Speed 800 Pcs/Minute
Functions Counting Pieces
Mix Counting
Specific Denomination
Counterfeit Detection
Face, Orientation
Upgradable Software
Detection Method MG, IR, UV
Image, Metal Foil,
Printing Process, Etc.
Report Total Pieces, Total Amount
Total Per Denomination
Pcs Per Denomination
Serial Number
Printer Available (sold separately)
Alarm Available
Dimension 330 x 316 x 316 MM
Weight 15 Kg
Power AC220V, 50Hz, 0.9-1.8A