Fingerprint Devices
Fingerprint Devices
Time Tech F108
Time Tech F108

Time Tech F108 is the best design for Multimedia Fingerprint Device for Time Attendance and Access Controller.

FULL TOUCH SCREEN, Acrylic smooth surface, cable comms. (TCP-LAN), U Disc, Internet, WIFI (optional).Multimedia system with camera to take picture of each user’s transaction and to monitor situation from computer screen (real-time surveillance/CCTV).

Comes with big users capacity, super accurate and high speed verification.

Internal GSM phone, able to dial and send SMS (text message) to certain preset numbers.

1. Internet communication with P2P system, easy to use and efficient, using Bridging IP (provided free of charge by us).

2. Option of REAL TIME Database System.

With applying Real Time database system, the occured transaction log will be uploaded to server/computer at the same time.

3. Web-Server, using IP Public in the server and web-browser software. Sold separately according to each company’s need.

Function Time Attendance & Access Controller
Fingers Capacity 10,000 (Up To 10 Fingers Per User)
Camera * To Take Picture of Each Transaction
* Real-Time Surveillance / CCTV
Transaction Memory 300,000
Sensor Optical Crystal
Verification Speed < 1 Second
Display Touch Screen - Full Color TFT LCD
Verification Options Finger, Password, RFID (Optional) / 1:N, 1:1
Phone * GSM Phone (3 Administrators and 2 Emergency Numbers)
* SMS - Able so send SMS to 3 Administrators when:
Door is exceeding open-time limit,
Door is forced open,
Door is opened by duress-finger / Invasion,
Illegal verification,
Device is removed,
Logs almost full before upload to computer
Cable Comm. TCP/IP (LAN), Lock, Wiegand, Alarm
Non Cable Comm. U Disc, Internet, WIFI (Optional)
Internal Alarm Available
Internal UPS Battery Available (Optional)
FAR 0.00001%
FRR 0.0001%
Working Mode Stand Alone
Power 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 12V DC
Dimension 205 x 145 x 40 MM
Instalation Wall Mounting
Color Black (Custom Available)