Single Pocket

Prime Dynamic 997 implements newest & high technology to count pieces, read Rupiah, USD, EURO, CNY values and detect counterfeit notes.
Able to read & count mix or single denomination, able to count pieces per denomination & total pieces of counted notes.
Equipped with CIS (Contact Image Sensor) camera to give highest accuracy for value reading and detection.
Has a solid and elegant design, high quality & heavy duty, also equipped with more helpful functions. Counting process will be handled fast, accurate and professional.
1 Year warranty, including service & parts.

Currencies Detection IDR, USD, EURO, CNY
Function Count total pieces,
read value of notes,
count pieces per denomination
Detection Methods CIS camera, magnetic, ultraviolet,
spectrum analysis, infrared
Display Color TFT LCD
Screen Front display
Features Top loading
Motor overheating protection
Batch, add, alarm
Hopper & Stacker Capacity Hopper 500 Notes | Stacker 300 Notes
Speed Adjustable (800,1000,1500 notes/min)
Dimension 270 x 260 x 220 MM
Weight 7 Kg
Power 220V, 50Hz, Consumption 60W
Port USB (software upgrade purpose)


Prime Dynamic 997 – Manual Book