Automatic Detection
Automatic Detection
NIBO 688
NIBO 688

Especially designed for detecting USD and Euro currencies. Comes with German and American most advanced technology, very accurate detecting results (more than 99.9%).

Software upgrade is available for more up to date data and new kinds of bills.

System Manual (Per Piece)
Currency 2 Currencies (USD, EURO)
Report Total Pieces Per Denomination
Total Pieces Counted
Sum Per Denomination
Total Sum
Detection Method Paper Transparency Control
Banknote Length Control
Paper Thickness Control
Quantity of Magnetic Ink Control
Position of Magnetic Ink Control
Infrared Ink Control
Recognition of Images (CIS)
Presence of Thin Metal Foils Control
Recognition of Printing Process
Button Touch Screen
Software Upgrade Available
Speed 0,7 Second Per Minute
Dimension 210 x 135 x 105 MM
Weight 1 Kg
Power AC 220V,50Hz (Adaptor DC 12V)
UPS Battery Available (Optional)